We are a community of believers who deeply value the Presence of God. It is at the center of all we do.  Because of this, we believe in creating a culture that revolves around worship, joy and freedom, filled with the hope and faith to believe that nothing is impossible.  


We are committed to cultivate relationships based on love and honor to establish a healthy body that is equipped to carry the supernatural power of God to every area of influence.




Our mission is to carry revival through the supernatural power of God to our city, our region and to the ends of the earth.


Our Leaders


John & Judy Lowry

Senior Leaders

John and Judy Lowry have sought God and His purposes for over forty years.  They have overseen the governing and ministry of Wellspring Fellowship since its conception.  They have two adult daughters and a son-in-law who deeply love God and are faithfully extending His Kingdom.
Their desire for those who identify with WellSpring is that they enjoy an ever-deepening, authentic relationship with God and know the reality of a supernatural lifestyle that can influence every sphere of their life. 
John and Judy have a love for the local and global Church. They long to see Christ’s Body reflect God’s goodness, His compassion, and His power in such a way the world will experience genuine reformation in all areas of life.


Jon & Joanna Gurr

Senior Leaders

Jon and Joanna Gurr are Senior Leaders at WellSpring. They also serve as the Worship Directors and WellSpring School of Supernatural Ministry Overseers. In 2005 they moved to Redding, CA to attend Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. While attending school, they led small groups, outreach teams and served on intercession, Sozo and prophetic/healing teams at Bethel Church. Their heart is for world wide revival. They have a passion to help individuals and churches discover who they are and train and empower them to walk in power and freedom to accomplish all that God has called them to do.


Gloria Pinkston

Counseling/Transformation Center

Gloria leads the WellSpring Transformation Center. Her mission as a Christian counselor, coach and mentor is to see Jesus bring good news to the afflicted, bind up the broken hearted and to proclaim liberty to captives and freedom to prisoners. Her heart is to see each individual in the light of the Father's love and to communicate that love passionately.

Her goal is to bring each person to a deeper revelation of our full inheritance through Jesus Christ. She wants each person to experience their true identity in Christ and know the fullness of "Christ in you the hope of glory".

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Join Us

Regular Service Time:


10:30 AM

The children's ministry is available for children through the age of 10 immediately following worship.

If you are unable to make it in person, you can watch on Facebook Live!

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Get Involved


We believe in family and are committed to cultivate relationships based on love and honor. We believe that every person is valuable and we celebrate community, fellowship and friendship. We have multiple types of groups that meet throughout the week that serve as opportunities to connect and build healthy, meaningful relationships.


We love the Bible and believe the purpose of Scripture is to bring us into a deeper relationship with the Author. We have small groups that meet to learn more about the Bible and grow in relationship with God and with one another. We believe all believers are called to carry the power of God to every area of influence. We put value on training, equipping and activating believers to be confident as they share the love of God wherever they go. 


We believe all believers get fulfillment from serving the Lord. We deeply love the body of Christ and we deeply love our city. Our heart is to see people from every walk of life to experience the love and freedom of God. We have multiple opportunities for our church family to serve our local church, our city and the world.

We Believe


WellSpring is a Global Legacy church that has a long time relationship with Bethel Church in Redding, CA. Our leaders have been trained through various ministries of Bethel Church including Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and therefore we share the same beliefs and core values as Bethel Church.


To learn about what we believe visit www.bethel.com/about

To learn about our core values visit www.bethel.com/core-values