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Cancer Healed

Jessica was miraculously healed of stage for cancer during visits to the Healing Rooms and WellSpring School of Supernatural Ministry.


Broken Arm Healed

​Josiah had broken his arm in three places at a football game and was facing surgery.  Prayer at WellSpring on a Sunday morning brought immediate healing and caused doctors to be amazed and cancel the surgery.

Knee Healed

​A man received prayer for a painful knee that had given him trouble for some time.  The pain left immediately and he was able to walk normally.

Back Healed

​A member of our church received prayer for his back at a Friday night meeting.  He had a generative disc problem that had been in existence for a long time.  He was prayed for again that Sunday becoming pain free.  His doctor took x-rays and said his discs were fine and that he had the back of a 25 year old.


Foot and Back Healed

​A young girl came to church with crutches and a boot on her broken foot. She got prayer and her foot was totally healed.  She walked on it, jumped up and down, no longer needing crutches.  Her doctor said he did not need to see her any more.

That same morning her dad received prayer for a disc in his back.  He was instantly healed and able to bend down and touch his toes which he had not been able to do in years. He was totally amazed over what happened.

Tumor Healed

​Jon had a customer in his office share with him that she was facing surgery for a tumor in her back.  She was shaken by the doctor's prognosis that it was serious and possibly life-threatening.  Jon walked this lady to her car, then told her how much God lover her.  He asked if she would be willing for him to pray for her.  She gratefully and eagerly received his offer.  Jon prayed against the tumor, declaring there are no tumors in heaven, and God would make her whole.

A few weeks later, the lady came to Jon and told him how meaningful it was when he told her of God's lover for her.  Then she said when the doctors went in they found a totally dried up tumor that was hollow inside.  The doctors were amazed and unsure of what had happened, finding what looked like a dried up plum instead of a tumor.  Her long diagnosed recovery turned into hardly and recovery time at all.  Thank You, God for Your awesome love and power to deliver her from such a serious threat to her health and life.


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